Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Please check your email...

I know I am in the applicant pool for at least one district.  But, this is what I have been told:

"We have been receiving a lot of questions regarding our hiring process and I wanted to give you some information.  Elementary positions will be filled using the applicants in this pool all summer.  Principals have all summer to fill their vacant positions. Some will interview right away while some will wait until almost the beginning of the school year.  It is up to the individual Principal as to whom they would like to interview.  If you attended our Teacher Recruitment Fair the Principals do have that information.All interview invitations will come to you via email, so please be sure to check your email often. Once we are done interviewing from this pool we will send out an email to all applicants them know that we are closing this pool.

Hopefully this information helps answer any questions you might have had.
Thank you,"

So, I wait....


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