Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Pillow Box

Can anyone tell me why these are called pill boxes?  I really don't know!   I learned today that these are called PILLOW Boxes!  That sure make a WHOLE lot more sense!  Love me a PILLOW box :)

Anyway, while on my box quest, my son noted that I had not made a birthday themed box so I set out to do so with my last box!

 Once again I cut the box as large as possible.  This time in Outdoor Denim.  I added a strip of star paper from the You Rock paper pack.  The stars and the swirls where also cut using the AP cartridge.

That is the last of my boxes...

Not sure what my next quest will be.  I have been looking at all the cool card options and may explore more of them next :)

You Can Create!


  1. Love the box- I've only tried one so far and not as cute as yours. I thought these were called pillow boxes?

  2. Phyllis... you are right it is a PILLOW box. I discovered that today!