Monday, July 30, 2012

Album Contest Recap

I can not explain the emotions I felt as I stood back, watched and listened to 1200 fellow consultants react to my artwork.  Seeing people take pictures, hearing them comment was a rush.  Honestly, I cried, I giggled I stood in awe.  What an awesome experience!

My goal this year was to make the top 10... of course NEXT year I want to win :)

Here is a recap of my 5 Layouts:

More Detailed pictures of "Why I Scrap"
More detailed pictures of "Memories"
More detailed pictures "His Light Shines"
More Detailed Photos of "All You"

You can Create!


  1. To have an awesome layout it helps to have some awesome have the whole package! Congratulations from a new follower.

  2. Congratulations Julia...I loved your album entry, especially the freckle layout, so cool!