Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thank You giftie

Since I am a  crafter I would LOVE getting a little giftie like this.  Not much really, only an 8x8 piece of paper folded but it is so cute!

I used paper from the Dotty For You collection.  To demonstrate the fold, I used plain photo copy paper...

1)Fold your 8x8 paper top to bottom and side to side so that you have 4 smaller squares:

 2)  Fold the lower right corner in toward the center.
 3) Fold lower left corner in toward the center.
 4) Using your horizontal fold, fold the large triangle to the top of your card.
5) Fold the tip of your triangle down so that it sets at the "bottom" of your card. This tip of the triangle can be folded into the pocket as well.  Secure this fold with adhesive.  Do not apply adhesive to the pocket BEHIND, as this is where you can place your tags :)
 6)  Now you have the bones of your card.  Embellish as desired.  I cut flowers with the AP cartridge and embellished a tag as wells the cover.

You Can Create!

Julia Hammond


  1. Very cute idea! Thanks for posting the tutorial~ I am a fellow consultant following you now! Love your blog! My blog is in it's infancy---:) check mine out at

  2. Perfect! Thanks for sharing this and the instructions!