Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to fix a Studio J mistake

Carol Duvall said, "There are no mistakes, only opportunities to embellish".  We I have earned such an opportunity.  I had just returned from a weekend camping trip that involved a 16 mile canoe trip down the Colorado River and I was TIRED.  I should have know better than to approve my Studio J LO's in this state, but I had a deadline to meet.  Long story short I produced this BEAUTIFUL LO with 4 typo's!  UGH!

 So the first thing I had to do was "gut" the text box.  This may sound scary, but it is easier than you think.  When you look at your blade on your paper trimmer, it looks very much like this:
 I used the horizontal "point" on the blade to align where my cut would start and stop.  I used the notches along the vertical line that I wanted to cut.  I made 4 cuts and was able to remove the text box.  At first I was only going to remove the text box, but I noticed a difference in to colors between the Studio J Colonial White and my card stock, so I decided to remove ALL the Colonial White from this page.

I used my micro tip scissors to cut around the argyle pattern like so... using the paper trimmer for the rest of the cuts.
 When I was done with my cuts, I removed 4 areas of my LO:
That was easy :)  I simply mounted the "good" parts of my LO on to my Colonial White card stock.  All I have to do now is hand write the text and I am good to go.   I am a bit tired... so I am going to wait so that I do not make a mistake :)

You Can Create,


  1. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing - I have done this too many times to count :)

  2. What a smart fix! Thanks for the tip.